Zosi – The Company

We focus helping our client become more sucessful by leveraging their online universe. We do this with a combination of a powerful active website, social media and metrics to help guide decisions.

Our team are highly trained, degreed experts in computer science, data science, graphic arts, content writing and translation.


Sonja London, Founder

With a background in Business, Analytics and million dollar websites, Sonja London, our founder has turned her efforts to bringing these same elements to small business. Some of the same features that used to cost six or seven figures can now be created for much less.

Our Company

Zosime means Zosime (zOH-sih-may) means “Likely to Thrive” or “Full of Life”.

Some of our early small clients were pro bono websites for friends and charitable efforts. Often, they had a website that was not working. It had failed to thrive or even survive. We we replaced them with solutions that were able to grow with them. Hence our name.