Professional Presence

Let’s face it – resumes no longer have the impact they used to. In fact some companies are not even using resumes to hire – No More Résumés, Say Some Firms. Even companies that still take resumes are placing an increasing reliance on using your online presence to decide whether to call you for an interview. And you know the moment you give someone a resume or job application, the very first thing they will do, even before they read it is to look you up on google or bing!

If the to item that pops up in that search is your own website, how impressed do you think they will be with your tech savvy?

Many professionals are diving into social media, but finding that they spend too much time with too little return.

Savvy professionals have created a strategy that guides business opportunities, whether jobs, investors or ??? using a funnel, hub and defined goals & metrics.

Most often that hub is a personal website under a vanity domain name.