What gets measured gets improved.Many People

This quote definitely applies to managing your online presence. How do you know which of your efforts is producing the best results?

Measure it!

Our analytics packages provide you with regular feedback and consultations to help you make the best decisions on where to put your money and efforts.

Simply put – we help you make better decisions, saving you time and money.

Example – one of our clients had put a great deal of time into building and invigorating an online presence. This included daily & weekly efforts in Facebook, Linkedin, twitter and many others. At our regular analytics review, we highlighted the most effective of these efforts. We pointed out that a single email had resulted in 50x more calls to action than daily tweeting.

Does this mean you should use email and stop wasting time on social media? Absolutely NOT. Every situation is different. For another client, Facebook has proven to be a goldmine. The only way to know is to measure, analyze and decide. This should be a regular practice also. What works well today may not produce as well tomorrow.