Real Marketing or Sales Funnels

What is a funnel?

“A series of actions or events that lead to a specific goal.”

The actions may occur on a number of different platforms or sites. Parts of the funnel may be offline – in real life. They may occur over a short or very long period of time.

If you give someone your business card, you may have started them down YOUR funnel. # weeks later, maybe they use your card to find your web page. Then they pick up the phone and call you. You make the sale, get the engagement or land a job. Success! Funnel completed. No canned funnel involved.

You answer a question on FB. Someone is impressed. They go to your company page. Then your website. Then they use your contact form or scheduling button to arrange a time to talk to you. You artfully close the deal. Another real funnel completed.

You must recognize all the various interactions, online and off, that comprise a real funnel and help you succeed. Even if you do pay $300 a month for a canned funnel subscription, you are only building part of the funnel.

Sales or Marketing Funnel

Sales or Marketing Funnel